Advice and Tips

One of the most effective is to acquire a buy-to-let property, with the potential return on these often exceeding the rewards of saving or other types of investment. And with the UK’s pool of tenants growing all the time, there is strong demand for rental properties across the country, giving those of you who become a landlord confidence that your properties will be occupied.

Before acquiring a property, it is important to work out if there is a good supply of tenants in the local area and whether rental returns will be high enough to cover any mortgage payment. You should also think about the type of properties that enjoy high levels of demand in a location. To a certain extent the area, street, local amenities and size of your property will determine what type of tenant you are most likely to attract, however if your property is in an area that would suit most people than it is the decoration and furnishings that are more likely to influence the type of tenant you aim to get.

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