Clapham Common

Clapham covers the postcodes of SW4 and parts of SW9 and SW12. Clapham Common is shared with the London Borough of Wandsworth, although Lambeth has responsibility for running the common as a whole. Clapham Common has existed for over 1000 years. Situated between Clapham, Battersea and Balham, it is one of London’s largest open spaces. The Common comprises playgrounds, skate-park, tennis courts, and flower gardens. Amongst other activities on offer, angling is allowed in two of the Common’s three ponds.  Visitors to the Common may enjoy lessons in orchard care, and birdwatching. Known for its nightlife, Clapham Common attracts trend-setters looking for cool new spots. Clubs, bars and cafés line the High Street. Residents and night folk are literally spoiled for choice. Clapham Common also plays hosts to a number of festivals every Summer including the world famous SW4 dance festival.