Area Guides


Brixton is filled with such a diverse mix of culture, music, art and community due to its rich Afro-Caribbean influence. It is also home to Electric Avenue, Brixton’s famous market, built in the 1880s, as it was the first street market to be lit by electric lights.



Clapham or SW4 as its sometimes referred to is a popular and busy London suburb in zone 2. It comprises of a number of smaller districts namely Clapham Old Town, Abbeyville Road, Clapham Junction and Clapham South which is largely made up of families.



If you find Peckham is far too hip for you then move to the leafy and arty neighbourhood of Camberwell. With its tree lined streets, green spaces, bustling high street and beautiful large period properties you can see why Camberwell is a favourite for students



Peckham is no doubt famous for the one of the best sitcoms of all times; “Only Fools and Horses” and has attracted hundreds of artisans and artists over the past 30 odd years Today Peckham is a vibrant hub with galleries such as South London Gallery & No 67,



Stockwell is a vibrant area located at the crossroads between Brixton, Clapham, Vauxhall and Oval. The name Stockwell derives from “stoc” meaning woodlands and “wells” because it once had natural springs. It is also famous for a well-known hero namely